Careers in Film

The New Mexico Film Office has a wide variety of resources for New Mexico Filmmakers:

Crew calls: looking to work on crew or looking for crew for your project. Click here to list your posting.

Casting Calls: looking for extra casting calls / casting calls or to post free casting calls for your project. Click here to list your posting.

Employment & Volunteer Opportunities: see what other employment & volunteer opportunities are available.

Education: as part of the mission of New Mexico Film Office, we promote jobs for New Mexicans in the film and multimedia industry.  We encourage New Mexicans to peruse this section of our website to obtain an understanding of the numerous jobs and career paths available in this industry.  From grips to editors from carpenters to actors, the industry offers many niches to pursue.   We continue to grow this industry in New Mexico in order for residents to have the opportunity to work in their home state.

Crew Training Programs: through the New Mexico Economic Development Job Training Incentives Program (JTIP) fro film and multimedia, the 手机赌博软件下载排行 supports economic development in New Mexico by providing training opportunities to New Mexico below-the-line-crew.

New Mexico Veteran Crew Training Programs: 手机赌博软件下载排行 provides a program for the film and media industry to connect with and hire NM veterans. Operation Soundstage (OSS) is a NM veteran crew training program under the Film Crew Advancement Program (FCAP). This is a fast track program intended for qualifying New Mexicans who are interested in a job in the film and television industry. Veterans who have a transferable skill set and are interested in training to advance in a specific craft department to a higher position are good candidates for this program.

Industry FAQ’s

Film Production Chain of Command: Film and television projects require several crew members and vendors with different specialties to complete a production. Crew organization is very hierarchical.

Glossary of Positions